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Pamela Beverly-Quigley’s conceptual abstract paintings address both memory and time. Layers of encaustic wax, oil paint, drawing and ephemera are used to create pieces that have both a textural and ethereal quality.

The Prospect Executive Suites Gallery | Stein Collection

Stein Collection

January 2022 Edition


Their goal was to create the new space in a thoughtful way that would enrich the atmosphere for their tenants and clients. They see the walls within the building as a blank canvas where the artwork from each exhibit inspires and elevates the space.

David James and Kelly Pfaff created The Prospect Executive Suites and Pop-Up Gallery to match the casual-yet-classy Park City attitude, embrace the beauty of the mountain aesthetic, and to be certain that didn’t stop at our front doors. And doing so meant looking beyond fixtures and features and actually considering the environment surrounding our building.

“ David and I set out to offer our community office space that reflects the beauty of the Park City environment that we both appreciate. ” — Kelly Pfaff


Once the offices were completed Kelly and David reached out to local artist, designer and curator, Pamela Beverly-Quigley to help activate the space with unique exhibitions. Local artists and galleries were invited to participate. Kelly and Pamela worked together to create the title of the show then release a call for entries to the community. Artists then submit their work based on a theme and the show is then curated.

Seasoned as well as emerging artists are selected from the call for entries with new exhibitions twice a year. Beverly-Quigley has since curated 6 exhibitions since 2017. The most recent exhibit is titled: In-Situ/Ex-Situ and runs from November-March 04, 2022. The exhibit features eleven women artists, works from local gallery owner, Jude Grenney of JGO gallery, as well as artists from South Africa and Minnesota.


Pamela Beverly-Quigley has been creating art and designing most of her life. She received her MFA from the University Colorado Boulder, and later became a college professor teaching art and design in addition to working on her artwork. Her fine art training in life drawing, print making and photo processes come together in her conceptual abstract paintings. The artist applies layers of encaustic wax, oil paint, drawing and ephemera into her work—resulting in a textural and ethereal quality.

As a Board Member of the Arts Council—Park City, Summit County, as well as a Creative Director and Designer, she still continues to exhibit both nationally and internationally.

“ I strive to create a visual and emotional experience for the viewer that is relatable in my abstract works—form, color, composition and texture are all important attributes but I also work to convey a deeper meaning that the viewer can relate to…” — Pamela Beverly-Quigley

New Works—Solo Exhibition

Pamela Beverly-Quigley | March 31st, 2021 – September 15th, 2022
Beverly-Quigley’s conceputal abstract paintings address both memory and time. Layers of encaustic wax, oil paint, drawing and ephemera are used to create pieces that have both a textural and ethereal quality.

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