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Marketa Sivek

The Prospect Executive Suites Gallery | Marketa SivekCzech born artist, Marketa Sivek, has been living and working in Chicago for over 20 years. Established as one of the leading artists in the community, her work has been featured in Elle Decor, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur and other publications, as well as featured on the Rachael Ray Show and national television.

Growing up in the authoritarian regime of communist Czechoslovakia, the desire for color, and lots of it, tells a story.  Amidst grey apartment buildings where the color was sparse and sense of safety absent, Marketa employs structures and houses as a recurring theme in her work – a metaphor for a shelter as well as circumstances that can change suddenly. Lost in the infinity of the vast sky as clear as sapphire, grounded by a moon or planet, the complexity meets simplicity when the heavy layers of paint are united in harmony with finely graded brushstrokes.

In Ms. Sivek’s abstract works, sensational pools of color, raw and thick – some mixed directly onto the canvas – command immediacy and often instigate the urge for a nearly edible experience. Enthralling and inspiring, Marketa Sivek’s work can be as light and sweet as cotton candy and as deep and profound as a shadow of melancholy during the flight of time. Just as life itself.

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