Karen Millar Kendall

The Prospect Executive Suites Gallery | Karen Millar KendallKaren Millar Kendall is originally from Michigan where she began creating art as a young girl with pen and ink, a medium she still loves today. High school art classes brought about oil renderings of rock bands, and an everlasting interest in, and love of, painting. Having had no formal training in art and technique, Karen has created her own personal style which is continually developing and growing, particularly as “happy accidents” occur that spark new “Wow, that’s cool!” moments.

Karen’s love for nature drives her life and her passions, and is reflected in her art. She loves capturing the beauty and serenity of nature in painting, photography and drawing.

Karen enjoys bringing art to the community and sharing a love of art with people of all backgrounds, ages, and experience is a passion; seeing the spark of creativity and wonder come from a “blank canvas” is incredibly rewarding.

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